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Welcome to Malta, the Mediterranean island known for its crystal clear waters, fascinating underwater landscapes and rich marine life. For adventurous divers, Malta is a must-visit destination, especially for those looking to experience the thrill of technical diving.

Technical diving in Malta offers divers the opportunity to explore deeper and more challenging dive sites that are not accessible to recreational divers.

The Maltese islands are particularly popular among technical divers for wreck diving. Malta is home to several World War II wrecks, including the HMS Southwold, Le Polynesien, ORP Kujawiak and many more, which provide a unique and unforgettable diving experience.

General Information

Our Tech dives are usually conducted from the shore. Boat dives available on request.


100 € per dive including twin set, sidemount cylinders or 2 rebreather cylinders (excluding gases)


Nitrox 50% (7 L stage / 11 L stage) 12 € / 19 €
Oxygen (6 L stage)24 €
Custom mix: O20.02 €/L
Custom mix: Helium0.085 €/L
Sofnolime9 €/1 kg

Cylinder rental

Stage without gas (1 day / 5 days)8 € / 35 €
2×3 L cylinders for rebreather without gas for one day / five days10 € / 40 €

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