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SSI Scooter / DPV

This program provides the skills and concepts required to safely plan and conduct dives using the Seabob and other underwater scooters or diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs).

You will learn the special precautions for using DPVs, how to maintain buddy contact and control your equipment, and how to safely enjoy the new experiences that a DPV dive provides. You will earn the SSI Scooter / DPV Diving Specialty certification after completing this program.

  • Minimum 12 years old
  • Open Water Diver certification or higher

1 day (2 open water dives)

What to bring

Bring your swimwear and a towel. Everything else is provided by us


150 € + materials and certification fee (50 €)

What will you learn?

The SSI Scooter DPV Diving specialty course teaches divers the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively operate a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), also known as a scooter. During two dives you’ll learn:

  • about different types of DPVs, their components, and maintenance.
  • proper DPV handling techniques, including buoyancy control, navigation, safety procedures, and emergency protocols.
  • gain the expertise to confidently and responsibly use DPVs to enhance their underwater exploration and diving experiences

Unleash the exhilaration of underwater exploration with the SSI Scooter DPV course!