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SSI Specialties

Malta offers an ideal setting to enhance your diving skills. With easy access to wrecks, excellent water clarity of up to 30 meters, captivating depths, and mesmerizing caves, Malta is an unparalleled destination for completing dive specializations. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to expand your expertise by learning to dive in a dry suit, navigate at night, explore wrecks, and utilize nitrox blends. You have the freedom to choose and participate in any specialization that captures your interest.

Our SSI Specialty Courses

Dive into History: Explore captivating wrecks teeming with life and uncover hidden treasures. The SSI Wreck Diver Specialty course offers thrilling adventures and responsible wreck diving practices.

Unleash your sense of adventure in the deep sea, exploring captivating wrecks and mesmerizing wall dives. With the SSI Deep Diver Specialty course, dive with confidence up to 40 meters/130 feet and experience the allure of the depths.

Discover the Advantages of SSI Enriched Air Diver Course: Extended Bottom Times and Faster Return to the Water. Experience the benefits of diving with enriched air nitrox for longer, safer dives.

Master Underwater Navigation: Be the Confident and Skilled Scuba Diver Who Always Knows the Way. Join the SSI Underwater Navigator course for enhanced observation skills and precise compass navigation, unlocking exciting challenges and rewarding adventures.

Dive Warm, Dive More: Unlock the World of Cooler Waters with a Dry Suit. Experience the comfort and extended diving season that comes with diving in a dry suit, allowing you to explore incredible dive sites in cooler regions and enjoy optimal conditions year-round.

Experience the Mystique of Night Diving: Discover a whole new underwater world as daylight fades and nocturnal creatures awaken. Join the SSI Night Diving and Limited Visibility specialty course to witness the captivating transformation beneath the surface after sunset.

Master the Art of Perfect Buoyancy: Enhance your diving skills and effortlessly glide through the water with the SSI Peak Performance Buoyancy course.

Unleash the exhilaration of underwater exploration with the SSI Scooter DPV course! Dive into a world of adventure as you master the art of effortlessly gliding through the depths using a diver propulsion vehicle. Gain the skills to navigate with precision, control your buoyancy like a pro, and uncover hidden wonders, taking your diving experiences to new depths of excitement.

Gain Confidence and Learn Life-Saving Skills with SSI’s React Right Training. Discover simple yet effective emergency care techniques in a supportive and stress-free learning environment, supported by comprehensive self-study materials for immediate learning.

Continue your diving adventure with us!