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Malta Triq is-Sajf, SPB2601 Bugibba, Saint Paul’s

Reqqa Point

Another magical dive site at the north of Gozo is Reqqa Point. It’s the part of the island closest to Sicily. Reqqa Point is a place teeming with life, which is an incentive of most divers visiting it. Gorgeous vertical wall descends to over 20 meters and attracts countless amounts of small fish, which in turn attract bigger predators, whereas bottom is covered with rocks of various sizes, among which big groupers can be encountered.

We start the dive by jumping into the water on the right side of the cape or descending using a ladder attached to the cliff wall. We swim at the depth of about 25 meters with wall on our left side, and after few minutes we reach a teeming with life plateau. Besides fabulous view and surrounding us hundreds of creatures, there is also an entrance to a small cave here. Shrimp Cave is a cavern which, as the name suggests, is full of small shrimps. Gradually resurfacing, we can notice bigger underwater specimen. While swimming towards our resurfacing point, we come across a vertical chimney with a wide entrance. Swimming through it, we will resurface at about 8 meters. We reach our ladder at the left side of the cape and, remembering to make a decompression stop, finish our dive. Minimum requirements: AOWD certification.

Difficulty level from AOWD
Depth max. 35m

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