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Malta Triq is-Sajf, SPB2601 Bugibba, Saint Paul’s

Inland Sea

Another dive site is located at the north of the Island, close to Blue Hole. It’s one of the places on Gozo you simply can’t miss. Small body of water is separated from the open sea with a several dozen meters of wall, inside which there is an amazing, 80 meters long tunnel, through which we swim to the open sea.

While diving in Inland Sea, we must remember about a few rules, most important of which is keeping to the left side of the tunnel and resurfacing close to the wall in case of trouble. It is crucial to follow these rules because of safety concerns, since the tunnel is open at the top and often frequented by tourist motorboats.

The tunnel itself is very spacious, in the widest part it has 8 meters in width. Its’ depth starts at 3 and ends at 30 meters.

Carrying on, we have two possible options – to swim either left or right. If we choose to turn left, we will encounter a vertical wall, along which swim great numbers of various kinds of fish. After about 20 minutes of swimming, we will arrive at a cave called Old Man Cave. Please remember to be especially careful, since the cave is frequented by tourist boats. Maximum depth of Old Man Cave is 18 meters.

If we chose to turn right, we will swim along teeming with life, vertical reef. After about 15 minutes of swimming, we will arrive to a charming cave full of fascinating rock formations. Continuing right, after another 15 minutes we will find another, huge cave.

Minimum requirements: OWD certification.

Difficulty level from OWD
Depth max. 35+

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