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Malta Triq is-Sajf, SPB2601 Bugibba, Saint Paul’s

HMS Stubborn

One of the 67 S-class submarines. The maximum depth on the wreck is 56 metres. Built on 11 November 1942 with the side number P238A. The 66-metre ship was equipped in six twenty-one-inch torpedo tubes and four machine guns. A crew of maximum 48 people. It served in the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It was also in the Far East, where it patrolled the operations of the Japanese Navy. It was where it hit a naval mine losing its tail fin and the rudder, also because of striking the seabed at a depth of 166m. While returning from Australia, it turned out that it had suffered more damage, and therefore it was not eligible for repair. Finally, it was sunk in April 1945 in Malta and used for military exercises. It lies quietly on the sand and invites you to visit. The upper part on 45 metres has two 2 opened hatches, however, we do not even try to get in there. But we can admire the torpedoes with visible propellers. Then, we can see the next three escape hatches, but the diameter of 60 cm is too little for the diver with the equipment. This well-preserved wreck was again discovered on 24 July 1994 very close to the coast of Malta and since then, it has pleased the eye of a wide range of divers.

Difficulty level Trimix 60 m
Depth max. 56m
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