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HMD Trusty Star

HMD Trusty Star was a naval drifter built in 1919 by Ouse Shipbuilding for the British Royal Navy. The steel vessel had a length of approximately 26 meters and was equipped with a triple-expansion steam engine. Its original name was HMT Groundswell. Later, it was renamed FV Elie Ness when used in the fishing industry in Scotland. After requisition by the Admiralty in 1939, it was converted into a minesweeper and renamed Trusty Star HMD.

On the night of February 15-16, 1941, the Luftwaffe laid mines in the Grand Harbour and Marsamxett. On April 9, the drifter Trusty Star was equipped with the necessary gear for mine sweeping. It achieved great success in keeping the port open despite heavy attempts by the Luftwaffe to re-mine the area. During the night of May 12-13, 1942, while working outside the breakwater, the minesweepers Beryl and Trusty Star narrowly escaped destruction from three torpedoes.

On June 10, 1942, while clearing German submarine-laid mines in the Grand Harbour, Trusty Star struck a mine and sank approximately 3 kilometers from Fort St. Elmo in Valletta. Only one Maltese sailor was injured, and the rest of the crew were rescued unharmed.

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