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Reqqa point

Reqqa Point, situated in the northern part of Gozo and closest to Sicily, offers divers another enchanting dive site. Known for its abundant marine life, Reqqa Point is a magnet for divers seeking an immersive underwater experience. The captivating vertical wall descends to depths of over 20 meters, creating an ideal habitat for a plethora of small fish that, in turn, attract larger predators. The rocky bottom is adorned with an assortment of rocks, providing a haven for magnificent groupers.

To begin the dive, we have the option of either jumping into the water on the right side of the cape or descending using the ladder affixed to the cliff wall. As we swim at a depth of approximately 25 meters, the wall remains on our left side. Within a few minutes, we reach a vibrant plateau teeming with life. In addition to the breathtaking views and the hundreds of creatures surrounding us, there is an entrance to a small cave known as Shrimp Cave. As the name suggests, this cavern is adorned with an abundance of small shrimps. Gradually ascending, we encounter larger marine specimens along the way. While swimming towards our resurfacing point, we come across a vertical chimney with a spacious entrance. By swimming through it, we resurface at around 8 meters.

To conclude our dive, we make our way to the ladder located on the left side of the cape. It’s important to remember to observe any necessary decompression stops. The minimum certification required to explore this captivating dive site is the Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) certification.

Reqqa Point beckons with its mesmerizing underwater realm, from the thriving marine life to the dramatic vertical wall. Immerse yourself in this magical dive site, where adventure and natural beauty converge to create an unforgettable experience for divers of varying levels of expertise.

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