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Patrol Boat P29

This is the first of two wrecks in Cirkewwa, which was purposely sunk in 2007 for the purpose of diving tourism. The P29 began its service as a minelayer in the German Navy, before serving in Malta. The ship was later decommissioned from the Maltese Navy and sunk on 14th August 2007, much to the delight of divers.

The maximum depth of the wreck is 34 meters with a length of 52 meters. The P29 is easily accessible from the shore and after a short 7-minute swim, divers can reach the wreck lying on its keel. The wreck boasts a great mast, multiple entry points, and a diversity of marine life, making it a popular dive spot. The ship is easy to penetrate as its dangerous parts have been removed. The wreck features a characteristic machine gun, which makes for a great photo opportunity.


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