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MV Xlendi

Xatt l-Ahmar, situated in the southern region of Gozo, stands as the most renowned diving spot on the island, attracting divers from far and wide. Its reputation often serves as the primary motivation for divers to explore the captivating beauty of this island. Located along the road that connects the port with the capital, Xatt l-Ahmar showcases three magnificent wrecks that act as the highlight of this site.

Among these impressive wrecks, situated approximately 50 meters to the west of MV Karwela, is the Xlendi Ferry. Originally built in 1955 as a passenger ferry, this wreck holds the distinction of being the largest in the area, measuring nearly 80 meters in length. Resting at a depth of 40 meters, the Xlendi Ferry unfortunately sank upside down during its intentional sinking in 1999, hindering the possibility of exploration within its interior. Signs prohibiting swimming inside can be found at each entry point and around the ship. Despite this limitation, the sheer size of the wreck makes it incredibly intriguing, and its splendid hull and large propeller leave a lasting impression on divers.

While the exploration of the Xlendi Ferry’s interior may not be possible, its imposing presence and remarkable features make it a captivating sight for divers. The wrecks of Xatt l-Ahmar, including the MV Karwela and Xlendi Ferry, add to the allure of this dive site, solidifying its status as a must-visit location for diving enthusiasts.

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