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MV Cominoland

Xatt l-Ahmar, situated in the southern region of Gozo, stands as the most renowned diving spot on the island, drawing divers from far and wide. Its allure often serves as the primary motivation for divers to explore the captivating beauty of this island. Nestled along the road connecting the port with the capital, Xatt l-Ahmar boasts three magnificent wrecks that form the centerpiece of this location.

One of these remarkable wrecks is MS Cominoland, originally a minelayer constructed in 1942 for the Royal Navy. Spanning nearly 35 meters in length and 8 meters in width, MS Cominoland was purposely sunk in August 2006, transforming into an enticing tourist attraction. Resting at a depth of approximately 40 meters, it lies approximately 70 meters away from the shoreline.

This impressive wreck is fully accessible to visitors, with any potential hazards meticulously removed. However, I caution less experienced divers against venturing into areas where external light is obscured, such as the deck. It’s important to prioritize safety and visibility throughout the dive. Given the depths at which these wrecks are located, I recommend focusing on one wreck during the dive and subsequently returning to explore the nearby reef.

Xatt l-Ahmar, with its captivating wrecks and scenic surroundings, promises an unforgettable diving experience for all who embark on its underwater adventure. The combination of rich history, accessible wrecks, and vibrant marine life make it a must-visit destination for divers exploring the beautiful island of Gozo.

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