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Marsalforn double arch

This captivating dive site is located just a few meters west of Xwejni Bay, offering a seamless entry into the underwater world. While it is possible to start the dive directly from Xwejni Bay, I personally recommend beginning our journey at a site known as “The Washing Machine.” As you venture towards The Washing Machine, please exercise caution and avoid the scattered brines that can be encountered along the way.

A notable feature of this dive site is the Double Arch, a magnificent formation consisting of two rock arches. Situated at a depth range of 16 to 35 meters, the Double Arch is approximately 150 meters north of the entry point. Navigating to the arches is straightforward with the aid of a compass. I suggest starting by swimming on the surface towards the north and then descending to a depth of 10-15 meters after passing through patches of posidonia grass.

Once submerged, we continue our journey northward towards the edge of the reef. From there, we embark on a deeper dive reaching approximately 25 meters and circumnavigate the rock that forms the upper edge of the higher arch, situated at a depth of 16 meters. It’s important to adhere to depth limits, as the bottom drops to 40 meters in this area. The lower arch can be found at approximately 35 meters, while the upper arch begins around 10 meters. After exploring the Double Arch, we make our way back to the shore, and I recommend using Xwejni Bay as our exit point due to its gentle and easily accessible bottom.

In summary, this dive offers a fascinating underwater experience, with the possibility of encountering large barracudas that frequently inhabit the area between the rocks. It is worth noting that there may be occasional strong currents, so careful planning is necessary. Bringing a compass is essential, as the relatively uniform grassy bottom without distinct landmarks can lead to confusion. Additionally, during the entry into the water, we must be mindful not to disturb the brines scattered along the path. Enjoy the exploration and marvel at the wonders that await beneath the surface.

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