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HMS Hellespont

HMS Hellespont, originally named HMS Ergemont, started its service as a tugboat primarily engaged in port work. However, during World War II, the Royal Navy repurposed the vessel for various missions. It served as a rescue ship and also operated as a sapper ship.

On 26th May 1942, in conjunction with Trusty Star, St. Angelo, the ship participated in the clearing of naval mines from the Grand Harbour and its vicinity. Later, on May 30th, they were joined by the units Beryl and Swona. Tragically, on that very day, St. Angelo struck a mine and sank near the Grand Harbour at a depth of 54 meters. After the war, as the harbour was being cleared, the wreck was lifted and scuttled off Rinella.

Exploring the wreck of St. Angelo demands special attention due to its proximity to the port and the associated ship traffic. Divers need to exercise caution while diving in the area.

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