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cathedral cave

Located near Marsalforn, Cathedral Cave, another magnificent dive site awaits in the northern part of the island. Here, you’ll encounter the characteristic lunar landscape typical of northern Gozo, adorned with rocks sculpted by wind and water, along with numerous brine pools.

We commence the dive by swimming towards the left. After a few minutes, we reach a cave entrance at 18 meters depth. The entrance is adorned with large rocks and ascends rather steeply, reaching up to 5 meters at certain points. We surface at this juncture to witness the cave’s roof, which features a small hole above the entrance. This opening allows fresh air and an enchanting blue light to filter inside. After a short break, we submerge once more to relish the mesmerizing play of light. Upon leaving the cave, we proceed forward, where the seabed plunges to depths exceeding 40 meters. We then make a right turn and, after a few minutes, arrive at the second cave known as the Cave of Corn. Here, we take a moment to admire the ancient dam and the scattered rocks. Finally, we swim out of the cave, concluding the dive. The minimum certification requirement for this dive site is Open Water Diver (OWD).

Cathedral Cave

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