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blenheim Bomber

The long-distance bomber has a length of 8.6 meters and a wingspan of 17.7 meters. In 1941, five bombers of this type embarked on a mission to Kefalonia in Greece. However, one of them experienced a gun failure in the turret, forcing it to turn back to Malta. Unfortunately, this defenseless bomber became an easy target for an Italian Macci 200 fighter. It ultimately landed on the water near Delimara in the eastern part of Malta. Slowly sinking, the Blenheim Bomber settled at a depth of 42 meters. Fortunately, the three-man crew was rescued.

Today, the well-preserved wreckage lies on the sandy seabed and serves as a captivating object of interest, particularly for photographers. The site is known for its abundance of deep-sea inhabitants, making it an intriguing destination for divers. This popular wreck is a must-visit while exploring Malta.

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