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billinghurst cave

Billinhurst Cave is another captivating dive site located in the northern part of Gozo. It holds the distinction of being the longest cave in the area, situated just a few dozen meters away from Cathedral Cave and Reqqua Point. The descent into the water at Billinhurst Cave is quite steep, and the entrance to the cave begins at approximately 20 meters.

Swimming through the cave leads us into a vast cavern where even larger groups can freely explore. With a length of 130 meters, Billinhurst Cave holds the title of the longest cave on Gozo. Upon reaching a section adorned with rocks where the seabed starts to ascend, we turn back toward the cave entrance. From there, we continue in the direction of Reqqua Point, taking the opportunity to admire the remarkable rock formations and underwater life up close in this marvelous place.

The minimum certification requirement to dive at Billinhurst Cave is Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD), and the maximum depth reaches 27 meters.

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