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How our booking process works

Step 1

Please contact us with your preferred dates and include your level of certification

Step 2

You will receive an email confirmation and we will ask you for a deposit

Step 3

Please pay the specified amount through our PayPal link to complete the booking.

Fun Dives


Technical Diving

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deposit for?

For courses, we will ask you to pay the fee for the eLearning materials (see course page) and a 20 € deposit per course day in advance.

For guided dives, we ask for 20 € per diving day.

Please note that the fee for eLearning materials is non-refundable, as they are considered the property of the student upon purchase.

Refunds of deposit

The deposit is refundable only if the customer cancels the diving activities with a minimum notice of two weeks before the agreed date. Deposit cannot be refunded in case of not fulfilling the above or no-show by the customer.

I don’t have PayPal – are there any other payment methods?

In this situation, please reach out to us, and we will provide you with our bank details for payment via bank transfer.

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